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Mental training is now taking up much more space for many professional and competitive athletes because they have noticed that body and mind form a unit.

But how exactly does that work? 



Much time is devoted to physical training. Why is mental training often neglected or not known at all? Ultimately, the processes that take place in our brain control everything we do, our behavior and reactions, as well as our perceptions and points of view. Movement begins in the head. Mental training is not even done "on the side" or done with a unit.


Mental training spans many areas. In addition to fear and stress regulation, the areas of motivation, concentration and attention control as well as constructive self-management are just as important as dealing with injuries. Mental training requires daily practice.


But what if your blockages are deeper? And what if there was a way that was more efficient than anything else to clear these blockages?


This is where sports hypnosis and active-wake hypnosis come into play, which can be used to increase performance, increase concentration and even regenerate and deal with injuries. The personal boundaries can be redefined with sports hypnosis. Fears and blockages can be easily resolved. Fast and efficient.


In sports hypnosis, special techniques are used, which enable the individual athlete, an entire team or group, and also you, to call up the optimal performance at the desired time and thereby achieve maximum results. The first step is the beginning of any change. If you want to use the possibilities of sports hypnosis for yourself, you've come to the right place.


We'd best discuss your starting position and goals personally. Then nothing stands in the way of an exciting and experience-rich time together.


What are you waiting for? Contact me today for an appointment !


Better kiting in a few hours? With guarantee!!


Become a better kite surfer in just a few hours

Kitesurfing is the most beautiful thing in the world. There is hardly any other sport that gives you so much happiness and euphoria. However, dissatisfaction with one's own performance can easily lead to pressure, fear, anger and disappointment. It is therefore important not only to train your body and technique, but also your head. As you already know, the mental part is responsible for at least 80% of the success of your session on the water. It is therefore important to bring body and mind into harmony.

Do you also want to know how to  hypnosis can be used for kitesurfing? I  show you how that  possible  is and invite you to a 3-hour group event. 

Do you suffer from anxiety and panic attacks while kite surfing, biking, motorcycling or other sports? Can't sleep or have insomnia? Have you been unable to concentrate properly since your accident? Maybe you have "flashbacks" again and again, which remind you of your accident? 

Or you can no longer motivate yourself for anything? Nobody can help you and the doctor has declared you healthy? But you still feel pain? 

You are exactly right with me! Together we will investigate and solve the cause. 

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