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Driving relaxed again?

overcome trauma?

Get back on the bike?

Do you suffer from insomnia, sweats, anxiety or "flash-backs"?

Are you looking for ways to improve your  symptoms  to finally get rid of?  

After a traffic accident, broken bones, cuts and bruises are treated quickly. Medical care is good, at least when it comes to visible injuries. but  mental wounds?

These are easily overlooked - unfortunately also by doctors and nurses who  accident victim  care after a crash. Rapid help is important here in particular: it can prevent the normal  psychological consequences of an accident  become chronic. 

About every fourth
  traffic accident victim  suffers from mental illnesses such as  Fear,  depression or one  post-traumatic stress disorder. These often develop shortly after the horror experience, but can also appear months later. In many cases, fear determines the further life of an accident victim. This  makes  more or less noticeable. Fear warns us to exercise caution and prevents us from taking risks that could have dire consequences. However, when fear becomes fear and it takes over, it can take away the joy of life  spoil and affect self-confidence. 


Do you finally want to get rid of these pictures? Then face your fears NOW! 


Gentle setting of your vertebrae after an accident with DORN THERAPY ...


Coaching Weekend  Tyrol

"Start instead of going crazy"

We have the know-how  you need



what if you  yours  Symptoms you have had since your trauma  almost complete in just 4 days  could solve?

We are convinced of the mental possibilities of a human being and  to have  decided to teach you the techniques in a 4-day coaching weekend that will lead you back to your self-determined life.

With us you work intensively in a group. There you will learn techniques that will help you in life and that you can use anytime and anywhere after this weekend.

In the individual sessions you get the opportunity to discuss your own personal topics with your coach  to edit and solve.

At  this weekend you learn  you from yours  problem solving, defusing your "flash-back" dreams. You  may here  Finally  back to your peace and  regain serenity. Just switch off and everyday life  leave behind you. Learn again how much fun life is.

If you are ready to take control of your life again, then this weekend is just the right thing for you!





  • Coaching Weekend
    Date will be announced
    Active & Spa Hotel Alpenrose
    Date will be announced
    Active & Spa Hotel Alpenrose, Silvrettastrasse 45, 6780 Schruns, Austria
    Trauma processing & trauma coaching

You  still want  MORE INFO about the weekend?

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