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Hypnosis comes from the ancient Greek word "hypnos" and means sleep. But hypnosis has nothing to do with sleeping. It can be understood as a state of consciousness and a process in which the hypnotized person is in an awake, deeply relaxed and yet highly concentrated state. In this state you are more emotional and more open to feelings. The hypnotherapist or hypnotist can achieve this deeply relaxed state together with you. It's like driving a car, watching TV or reading a book. You will hear and feel everything, you can speak normally and you are neither weak-willed nor manipulable.






Hypnosis helps with many physical and psychological symptoms. Since our mind can release an enormous amount of energy and power, our thoughts can change cells and even our genes according to the latest scientific findings. Our thoughts make us who we are.


Here are some of the topics listed:


  • Losing weight / weight loss

  • ADHD / ADS

  • Allergies / hay fever

  • Fears / phobias

  • burnout

  • Chronic pain

  • Learning difficulties / concentration

  • Headache migraine

  • Nervousness / restlessness

  • Stop smoking

  • Back pain

  • sleep disorders

  • Eczema

  • Performance increase in sport / peak performance

  • stutter

  • Grinding teeth / bruxism

  • ect.


Your topic is not listed? Contact me, I'll be happy to advise you!

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