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Dorn - a gentle and dynamical form of chiropractic

The DORN THERAPY is more than just "putting things straight"...

Are you an athlete and want to optimize your posture? Have you suffered an accident or fallen and feel pain? However, the cause cannot be found? 

Have you suffered whiplash and are you looking for complementary treatment methods to get rid of your pain?

The Dorn Therapy is a method of treating blocked or misaligned vertebrae and joints. The spine fulfills the static task of supporting the body. At the same time, it serves as a protective cover for the spinal cord. Irritation of the nerves exiting the spinal cord due to a displaced vertebra can cause pain, dysfunction, and changes in the tissue. In about 98% of all people, one or more vertebrae move out of their ideal position over the years. Since each nerve cord from the spinal canal is assigned to a specific organ, this can lead to differently localized pain in the back area on the one hand, but also to a lack of function of the corresponding organ on the other. Pelvic, knee or ankle joints that have slipped out as well as displaced vertebrae can be felt and repositioned. The vertebrae are always corrected while moving, ie the client performs a pendulum movement with the leg or arm while the therapist corrects the crooked position. In contrast to chiropractic, the patient does not stretch abruptly but gently presses, so that there is no risk of injury.

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