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Have you always wanted to learn to kite better?


You can ride high, but don't dare to jump?

Have you perhaps already jumped, but they are rather small jumpers, because then you block yourself again? You can already jump but don't make any progress?


Are you ready to develop your full potential? Through the power of your thoughts, you will be able to put yourself in the optimal state and deliver your required performance. We will show you how it works!


A Kitecamp, which has it in itself and which is so in this form world-wide singular. Your success is guaranteed!

With us you can take off at the windiest and most beautiful places on earth to unexpected heights. In small groups of max 3 - 4 kiters you will learn your desired manoeuvres with the support of the power of mental training, sports hypnosis and a professional kiteinstructor. This guarantees you personal attention and rapid progress.


Kitesurfing is a passion that goes through the whole body. Once on the water the world belongs to you. Nothing around you seems to be important anymore.


You are one with the water, with your board and your kite. Adrenaline pumps through your body as you leave the water every time you jump. The feeling is indescribable and cannot be compared to anything in the world.


It's a virus that caught you the first time you rode your first meters and you didn't have your speed under control anymore. You already knew then, this is your sport, this is life!  


But as with any sport, you reach your limits at some point. Fears block your progress. You feel incapable, have too high expectations of your ability or suddenly fears spread that you didn't know before. Suddenly the water is too deep, you are afraid of heights or you don't even try to jump because you are afraid to hurt yourself. 


In addition, you can spend comparatively little time on the water. Most of the time we have to spend in the office or at work. Family and friends are also time-consuming and have to be included in our limited leisure time.  


But what if you could spend your time on the water more efficiently? What if you could do your training before your session? IMPOSSIBLE? No!  


The professionals and top athletes have been using mental training for years to prepare themselves.

Why not you too?


This is exactly what you will learn here in our camp. We show you the tricks of the pros. After this week you will not only have made incredible progress but you will also get to know possibilities for your future to strengthen yourself mentally, to prepare conscientiously for your sessions and to recover efficiently. 


We will show you how it is even possible to reduce your convalescence times and be physically fit again faster for your next session on the water!

To learn these techniques you need nothing more than an interest in mental training and openness to new things.   



 Prerequisite for participation in the camp: Level 3 IKO , Hold altitude

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