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Autumn 2023


6 day intensive coaching


750 €



Brazil - the dream of every kitesurfer.


Hundreds of kilometers of sandy beaches and a diverse landscape characterize the image of Brazil and make every trip an unforgettable experience. In addition, the constant wind ensures an extremely pleasant climate throughout the year, with temperatures between 25 and 35 degrees Celsius.


For our coachings we did chose the small fishing village Cumbuco. This is for the simple reason that the best flat water lagoons such as Cauipe, Tabuba and Taiba are not far away from each other and thus provide variety during the coaching days. Cumbuco also offers a variety of restaurants and nightlife where you can finish off the evening under a tropical starry sky with a Caipirinha after your kite training.


Our main lagoon, Tabuba, is located about 6 k m away from Cumbuco and. As it is rather small, it is usually not used by most kitersurfers in favour of the larger lagoons like Taiba and Cauipe. This makes the shallow lagoon an ideal playground where you can improve your kite skills


In our training days you will not only learn how to kitesurf better but also much more. Since kitesurfing is not just a hobby for our whole team, but a way of life, we consciously differ from the other kitesurfing camp providers in our program.

Because we know that there is more to kitesurfing than just holidays and kite luggage.


That's why we teach you first hand what is already part of the preparations, how to prepare your body optimally for your training sessions on the water and what you have to watch out for to protect yourself from injuries.


In addition, we know that the mental attitude towards kitesurfing is more than 80% of a successful kitesurfing session. And the right attitude to success can be learned. As the only kitesurfing camp in the world to show you how it works.


If you want to know how to concentrate better on the water, overcome your fears, get more self-confidence, learn your moves faster and prepare yourself with motivation for your sessions, then our coaching camp is just right for you!


During this kite mental coaching training days you will optimize all your senses to perform at your full potential on the water. A certified sports hypnosis therapist and mental trainer as well as our professional kitecoach are at your disposal for individual talks, meditation and sports psychological workshops as well as lots of kitesurfing.


Are you ready for your dream holiday where you can finally make progress in kiting?


In this camp you will learn first hand from our kitecoach Sergio everything you always wanted to learn. From your first jumps, to unhooked tricks, to handle-passes...kiteloops... Only you set your own limits!


Focus: The Mental Training in Kitesurfing


We are happy to help you find the ideal accommodation. For transport to the Taiba Kite Lagoon, the Tabuba Lagoon and the Cauipe Lagoon , we will pick you up with pick-ups or buggies.


* 6 day kite coaching

* Stretching

* Fitness

* Mental training workshop

* Sports hypnosis

* Single sessions sports hypnosis

* Feedback during your session on the water

* Video analysis and photos

* Beginner courses possible (including kite material)

If you would like to train with us for more days or come with a group, ask us about our special conditions :-)

Not included

* Flight approx. 700 - 1500 euros

* Accommodation

* Food & Drinks
* Professional photo shoot
* Insurance

* Equipment rental (beginner courses included)


If you are from Switzerland and need kite material, then contact Andy's Kite Shop! :-)


It's best to book your flight as far in advance as possible. The flights to Brazil are sold out very quickly. Our travel agency is happy to help you to book your dream holidays. 

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