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SOMM, the therapy of the 3rd millennium!

That  iLifeSOMM , the sensory oscillating multi-modulation, known in professional circles as SOMM for short, is a system that is unique in the world and combines effective forms of therapy (8D – eight dimensions) in just one system. Sound from tones, sounds and music as well as vibrations, micro-massage and relaxation therapy, pulsating electro-magnetic field resonance (PEMF) and far-infrared heat radiation are synchronized.

Experience the wellness system in my therapy room and take time to relax. A journey to physical and mental fitness and well-being. Without effort you get the chance to take your health and thus the responsibility for your life into your own hands. You will feel like you are floating.

music therapy

The music specially composed for ILifeSOMM allows the body to relax deeply and serves to restore, maintain and promote mental, physical and spiritual health. - in the rehabilitation and preventive area

vibration therapy

The gentle vibrations set every single one of the 70 trillion cells in the whole body vibrating. This relieves tension and cramps. To increase performance and for prevention


The effect of the micro-massage extends from the treated part of the body to the entire organism. - For tension - stress - increased blood circulation - pain relief  

sound wave therapy

Specially calculated tones and sounds with predefined frequency components make all or desired areas of the body vibrate, according to the law of resonance. For calming, relaxation and harmonization

magnetic resonance therapy

A magnetic field generator creates a low-frequency and low-energy field, which is transmitted to the organism. The metabolic functions of each cell are stimulated and the self-healing powers are supported

relaxation therapy

The entirety of these individual procedures, which are perfectly coordinated with one another, lead to a relaxation reaction of the entire organism within a few seconds. For stress-related forms of disorders and in sports therapy

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