The world's only kite camp with mental coaching takes place this year in June in the shallow water spot around Lo Stognone in Sicily.


We offer you a camp that leaves nothing to be desired. Here you can live out your passion for kiting and increase your level. You will be amazed at how fast you make progress on the water with the support of mental training.  


Almost everything is included in this camp! An experience you will never forget!


Benefit from the knowledge of the sports mental trainers, a professional physiotherapist and our kitecoaches.  


Twice a day you will be able to work on your personal goals on the water under the watchful eye of your kite instructors.


You will get a 1:1 feedback and your moves will be recorded on video and analyzed with you.  


  • Kite Camp Sicily
    Time is TBD
    Da Lucio e Gianluca, Contrada Spagnola, 91025 Marsala TP, Italy
    6 Tage Coaching € 1150

Lo Stognone, Sicily

KITE... EAT....SLEEP...REPEAT.... :-)

The European kite paradise Lo Stognone awaits you with a huge shallow water lagoon and offers you the ideal conditions to improve your kite skills.  


A really big lagoon, everywhere knee to hip deep, offers perfect conditions to learn kiting and to practice freestyle. The proximity to the African continent brings summer temperatures from March to October. 


In order to spend as much time as possible on the water, we recommend that you bring at least one shorty or, depending on your temperature, a 3/2 long arm with you. 


The kite sizes vary. So don't just take your small kites with you but your whole range.


* 6 days coaching (min. 2h/day) 

* Various workshops (mental training, strength training, warmups, body recovery, selfrescue, life kinetics)

* Feedback during your session on the water 

* Video analysis and photos

* Giveaway Event-Lycra

Not Included

* Flight approx. 100 -300 Euro 



* rent of kite equipment

* Professional photo shooting 

* Insurance 

* Soft drinks

* Alcoholic beverages 

* Individual coaching mental training/hypnosis session 

*Physiotherapy and massages

*Body screening, physiotherapy


Flights to Palermo or Trapani can be booked at any time.

We are happy to help you with your flight search and the search for suitable accommodation.